U.S. History Assignments Workbook


This workbook contains 295 reading comprehension questions and an answer key for all 4 volumes of “AMERICAN HISTORY STORIES” by Mara L. Pratt.


This 51 page PDF workbook divides the four volumes into 35 (weekly or bi-weekly) assignments containing 3 -18 questions per assignment. An assignment may contain additional facts, timeline events, map activities and supplemental literature suggestions. The assignments start simply and then build by increasing the amount of reading.

American History Stories was originally written in 1891, for children from grades 4-6 as an introduction to American History. These books contain stories, anecdotes, poems and songs from America’s beginnings through the end of the Civil War. A perfect starting point for younger children to become familiar with the people who formed the United States into a nation.


Why this book was selected:  These books were were selected for the informative and engaging storytelling style directed to younger children, true content and language of the historical time and a patriotic presentation of America’s beginnings.

You will need to also download Adobe Reader to view and print the download.